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Mail Transport:

  • On Account according to the Tariff
  • Annual Lump sum
  • Express Mail:
  • International Express Mail (Inbound/Outbound)
  • Inland Express Mail
  • New Services Such As:
  • Hybrid Mail (printing / packaging / distribution)
  • Promotional mail
  • Bills Collection (water, electricity, telephones, cellular phones)
  • Sale of prepaid cards (Land and cellular telephones and Internet)
  • Money Orders
  • Banking Services Marketing (Cairo-Amman Bank)
  • Passports Renewal

Letter mail (Regular, Registered ,Packets, Printed Matters, Reply Coupons).

Parcel post service.

Universities Application Service.

Royal  Grant  Application Service

Employment Applications Service.

Universities Bridging Application Service.

National Aid Allocations Service.

Reply Paid Commercial Letters :


Through this service inland and international letters and business cards are received from domestic and foreign companies and institutions without paying any postage fee for the same. This fees paid on such returned  letters and cards is  usually covered in advance by  these companies and institutions


Specification for Envelopes & Cards

  • No Stamp Required must  be printed on the upper-right with  a rectangular representing the postage  stamp should  be placed thereon with a bold slant line above it with the words “NO STAMP REQUIRED”
  • Two horizontal  lines 3mm thick with at least 14 mm in between must be printed above the address  and the following words should be printed on the first line  (REPLY PAID) and the name of the destination country which is in this case (JORDAN)
  • The address of the licensee must be printed under the two horizontal lines and the words (AIR MAIL) should be printed on the upper left corner of the envelope in case the envelopes are pertaining to the international mail service
  • The following words must be printed on the upper left corner of the envelope in addition the license number “Commercial Reply License No. ” IBRS (CCRI)”
  • Both the text and symbols should be printed in bold and in harmony with the color of the background of the envelope or card. In principle,  the bold black or dark blue colors and the  minimum  dimensions envelopes and cards  should be 90 × 140 mm while the maximum dimensions should be 105-148 mm and the maximum dimensions of the envelopes must be 120 × 235 mm

Mail Bags:

The Jordan Post Company provides mail bags service for companies, banks and government departments under a special agreement regardless of the size of the institution, for which we have a fleet of transport and specialized crew to provide this service in all governorates of the Kingdom, this agreement includes:

  • Receipt and delivery of mail bag /bags noting  that the minimum time of delay is 24 hours
  • Places where mail is received and delivered with the possibility of receiving and delivering the same according to customer’s desire
  • The minimum weight limit of mail bags is 20 kg with the possibility of receiving a number of mail bags at a time