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Integrated Services and Solutions for Companies and Banking Sector?

Introducing the Hybrid Mail into Jordan Post service stands as an eminent proof of the company’s interaction with the technological development affecting the postal sector worldwide and imposed on all postal administration to reshape their strategies to cope up with the new customers’ needs.


We the Jordan Post company were the first in the region to touch on this change in a relatively early stage and redesign  and develop our plans to be in line with the requirement of this era in terms of diversification of our services and searching for investment projects that enhances our image as a successful national commercial institution.


As a result of the rapid changes and developments in the local market needs within the kingdom as regards printing, processing and delivery of mail Jordan Post launched the “Hybrid Mail” project focusing on providing integrated service for companied, institutions and banks both in the public and private sector in terms of mail (printing, packaging and delivery) based on the highest quality standards, as well as electronic printing of postal periodicals distributed by banks and companies to their customers.


Jordan Post Company initiated this center by the beginning of October 2005 with the aim to provide distinguished services to key customers such as telecommunications and insurance companies mainly within the kingdom as a comprehensive service provider in terms of information processing, printing and distributions.


Jordan Post Company is known for its credibility being owned by Jordan Post, the well known national institution,  that has more than 30 years of standing experience of distinguished performance.


Companies, institutions and banks nowadays dealing with mail items face several difficulties in following up their printing and distribution as this process requires much time and effort as well as a large number of employees in addition to their need to outsource multiple entities such as printing presses, packaging and delivery companies to deliver these items to their addressees. The Hybrid Mail Center performs all these integrated processes under one ceiling in high expertise and low costs compared with the costs of such services in the Jordanian markets.


The distinguishing feature of the Hybrid Mail Center is well represented by the availability of sophisticated printing, packaging and sorting equipments designed for processing large quantities of mail in a short time in addition to their ability to insert marketing printed matters and pack the same with the mail items and this gives added value and important characteristic to customers.


The technique currently in use allows for receiving the information from the customer electronically and printing the same in high speed within few minutes, as well as packaging them and inserting six marketing materials inside each envelope to reach the desired addresses through the Jordan Post network on the next day.


Jordan Post guarantees the absolute secrecy of the customers’ information and  data meant for processing under strict security measure at all levels and around the clock. Work process is under strict control through sophisticated security equipments and surveillance cameras. The equipments available in the center were prepared in a way to reduce manual work and totally depend on mechanical printing and packaging.


As for the banking institutions which consider the secrecy of the   data and information of their customers as the topmost of their priorities they send such data and information to the computers sets available in the Hybrid Mail Center in a coded text to be decoded and mechanically printed and packaged inside envelops for the Jordan Post to take over and deliver those items to the customers.


How does Hybrid Mail Center Function?

Data is received from the customer in a digital format file containing all information and details related to the postal items, whether the same being statement of accounts or invoices or others, through an e-mail or on a compact desk or any other saving tools. Such data is prepared and arranged according to the customer’s requirements using state-of-the-art computers. Then any amendments or changes on these materials are added upon the customer’s request such as adding pictures, marketing ads and notices. Then they get printed through very high-speed laser printers incomparable with the traditional ones.


Among our customers we are proud to serve through the Hybrid Mail Center are:


  • Social Security Public Institution
  • Cairo-Amman Bank
  • Jordan-Kuwait Bank
  • Al Rajhi Bank in initiation