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Dr. Al Lahham: A renewable energy project for Jordan Post saves 90% of the electricity bill


In line with Jordan Post strategy 2017-2019 aiming to manage and reduce expenses, an agreement was signed between Jordan Post and Kawar Energy Co. under which solar cell systems are supplied, installed, connected and operated on the roofs of Jordan Post’s Administration Building and the external spaces.

The agreement was signed by Jordan Post’s Director General Dr. Khaled Deeb Al-Lahham, and Kawar Energy Co.’s CEO Hanna Zaghloul.


“This project will enable Jordan Post to reduce the electricity bill to the minimum, optimize the use of renewable energy sources, rationalize energy consumption and preserve the environment,” said Dr. Al-Lahham,


Dr. Al-Lahham explained that the system’s capacity is 495.72 k. and is expected to be completed within a period not exceeding 6 months. The value of the current electricity bill, amounting to JOD 240.000 annually, will be reduced by 90% when the system commence operation.


He also explained that the General Administration’s building was selected because the energy consumption in the main building represents the largest proportion of Jordan Post’s consumption in general. The project will expand to include the buildings of the 11 directorates in all governorates.


On the other hand, the CEO of Kawar Energy Co., Hanna Zaghloul, said that signing the agreement with Jordan Post in the field of renewable energy reflects the private sector’s keenness to cooperate with the public sector to spread the culture of renewable energy and its significant impact on the national economy. The cost of producing electricity from solar or wind energy is less than the cost of its production using diesel or oil.


Zaghloul pointed out that reliance on renewable energy saves Jordan Post large amounts, noting that the life span of this project is between 20 to 25 years.


It should be noted that Kawar Co. has several projects in the Kingdom and is one of the oldest companies operating in Jordan, commencing its first project in 2008 in Ma’an.