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A partnership agreement between Jordan Post and VARARI to develop and operate an interactive mobileplatform


Amman –

A partnership agreement between Jordan Post (Jo Post) and VARARI Technology Innovations (VARARI) has been signed with the aim of developing an integrated platform available to customers via a Jo Post mobile phone application covering regular postal mail services as well as a set of new services.

“This project, in partnership with VARARI, is in line with Jo Post’s strategy for the years 2017-2019 to provide advanced and automated services to subscribers and users of postal services resulting inimprovingthe quality of services provided, and increasinglevels of convenience and ease of communication and interaction,” said Dr. Khaled TheebAl-Laham, General Director of Jordan Post.“This is added to providing new services that are aimed at keeping abreast of global technological developments and providing them to subscribers and users through this platform”, Dr. Al-Laham added.

Dr. Al-Lahham explained that the project will be implemented over several stages to activate and graduallycover the governates of the Kingdom.  The first phase will be launched during the second quarter of this year and contains a number of services targeted to specific geographical areas followed by other stages including more services and areas coverage to reach Jordan wide before the end of the year.
Dr. Al-Laham said that the platform services include mail tracking, mobile app notification messages, pictures of mail and postal parcels sent to postal boxes, followed by the delivery of mail and packages to the address of residence or work in addition to subscription services, Po Box renewal and payment. The services also include the provision of virtual mailboxes to subscribe to without the need to visit any post office, and the delivery of all incoming messages and parcels to the address provided by the subscriber, whether at home or workplace.
Dr. Al-Lahham pointed out that “this service will provide citizens with notification ofparcels or packages on hold for customs inspection and thus providing a mechanism for the customer to authorize and request, on his behalf, the inspection and clearance and payment of customs duties electronically, followed by the delivery of packages to the address desired by the service user.The service will be linked to multiplepayment gateways to coverall services.Future services include connecting to and delivery of several e-government services and e-commerce websites, among several other new concepts and services that will be announced later during the project development stages.”

On the other hand, CEO of VARARI, Hani Thalji, stated that “We atVARARI are proud of our partnership with Jordan Post and grateful to the trust placedin us by the Jordan Post management, consolidating efforts towards public-private partnerships to provide the highest quality and latest services to citizens. The serviceswill provide a leap in the prevailing concepts of postal services and offer many new values propositions ​​and services that serve Jordanian citizens in various aspects of their daily life “