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Agreement between the Civil Status and the Jordan Post to Deliver Documents

AMMAN — The Civil Status and Passports Department (CSPD) signed a cooperation agreement with the Jordan Post Company (JPC) to provide the service of deliveringdocuments issued by the department, which are requestedonline.

Mr. Fawaz Shahwan, CSPD Director General, said that this agreement came in line with providing the services of the Department online,in orderto implement the e-transformation planfor the Department services and to be in consistent withthe Royal directivesthat always call formaking things easier for citizens.

Shahwanpointed out that under this agreement, Jordan Post Company shall deliver the documents to those who request them, starting from (previously registered vital events, including birth, death, marriage, divorce certificates, and
Individual/Family Civil Record Form) to be delivered to the service applicantaccording to the address registered by themin case of requesting the service online.

Shahwannoted that the service of delivering documents through Jordan Post Company is optional, not mandatory, stressing that this agreement aims to simplify the procedures for citizens in order to savetheir time and effort.

In turn, JPC Director General Dr. Khalid TheebALahham said that this agreement, which is expected to be implemented by the end of this month by post, is a confirmation of cooperation between the JPC and the CSPD,in line with the company’s strategyto provide diverse services and projects to serve citizens wherever they are,stressing the importance of enhancing cooperation with the-public sector in the use of postal outlet to provide all services to citizens,  which results in saving their time and effort.