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Express Mail:

An illustration of some of the offered servicesIt is distinguished by its fast transporting and distributing of inbound and expounds dispatches all over the world Also, it is distinguished by its accuracy, secrecy, security, and its certain deliverance in a short time. It is accepted up to 30 kilograms, and it is served at all central post offices in the kingdom. So, an electronic follow up system has been setup the citizen is able through to follow his dispatch up.

This service available with (100) one hundred countries where EMS items are accepted at the following post offices:

  • Mail post offices of the governorates
  • Amman city center post office
  • Jordan hotel post office
  • Al Wihdat post office
  • Marka Al Shamaliah post office
  • Al Bayader post office
  • Sahab post office
  • Sahab Industrial City post office
  • Al Abdali post office
  • Jordan University post office
  • Applied Science University post office
  • Science & Technology post office
  • Al Albait University post office
  • Mu’ta University post office
  • Amman Al Ahliah University post office
  • Al Yarmouk University post office
  • Al Hashemiah University post office