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Hybrid mail services and solution for companies and banking sector

The provision of hybrid mail service at Jordan Post is the greatest evidence of Jordan Post’s adaptability to the technological development that has touched the postal sector around the world, and has forced all postal institutions world-wide to redesign their strategies to suit the new needs of customers.


Jordan Post is one of the first postal institutions in the region that have anticipated this change at an early stage. Therefore, we have prepared and developed our plans to meet the requirements of such developments in terms of diversifying the services and investing in the commercial projects that solidifies our presence as a successful national commercial institution.


With the rapid developments and changes in the needs of Jordanian local market in terms of postal printing, processing and distribution, Jordan Post has launched the Hybrid Mail Center project. Its mission is to provide integrated services (printing, packaging and distribution) to companies, institutions and banks in the public and private sectors in accordance with the highest quality standards, in addition to providing electronic printing of periodic postal materials issued by banks and companies to their customers.


Jordan Post established the Center in early October 2005 to provide distinguished services to major customers in Jordan such as telecommunication companies, insurance companies and banks in particular. The Center serves as a one-stop-shop for all services related to information processing, printing and distribution. The Center enjoys a good reputation because it is owned by Jordan Post; a well-known national institution with over 30 years of exceptional performance.


Companies, institutions and banks dealing with postal materials face considerable difficulties in following up the processes of printing and distribution as they require efforts, time and a large number of workers. Moreover, such institutions have to deal with more than one agency to complete the work, whether such agencies are printing presses, packaging companies, or distribution companies to deliver the materials to each customer. Hence, the Hybrid Mail Center provides full and integrated services in one place, with high expertise and low cost compared to other providers of such services in the Jordanian market.


Hybrid Mail Center is equipped with highly developed printing, packaging and sorting devices designed to handle massive amounts of mail in record time and capable of adding and packaging marketing publications with postal items, which gives additional value and an important advantage to customers.


The currently used technology allows receiving the information from customers electronically, printing it quickly by means of designated devices, and packaging the items with the possibility of adding 6 marketing materials to the envelope, to be delivered the next day to the required addresses.

Customers Confidentiality

The Center guarantees the absolute confidentiality of all the information and data the customers deal with by implementing strict security procedures at various levels. The Center has highly secured procedures around the clock, and the operations are stringently controlled by highly advanced security devices and a network sophisticated surveillance cameras. The center’s equipment and machinery limit manual work and is entirely dependent on automatic printing and packaging.


As for the banking institutions that give top priority to the confidentiality of their customers’ information and data, a contract is concluded with them to deliver the information in an encrypted format. The information is then entered into the Center’s computers, which in turn decrypt the information, print it and automatically put it in envelopes without any human interference. Later on, Jordan Post distributes the materials and delivers them to customers.


How Hybrid Mail Center Operates:

The customer sends a digital file containing all the information about the postal materials, whether they are bank statements, bills, etc. They can be sent via e-mail, on CDs or on any storage unit. The information is prepared and arranged according to the requirements and priorities of each customer. Then, the materials are added and modified as per the customer’s request, such as adding colored images, marketing advertisements and notices. Later on, the printing is done by high speed laser printers, which are much faster compared to standard printers.

Our Top Clients

Social Security Corporation

Cairo Amman Bank

Jordan Kuwait Bank

Al Rajihi Bank

For the list of clients:

Finally, we ensure all our customers that our motto is (Accuracy is the foundation of Trust), which originally the motto of Jordan Post.