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Letter mail includes (letters, postal cards, printed matters and small parcels). Post offices usually handle the service of letter mail on both the domestic and foreign levels.

The domestic service is characterized by its dependence on the contents of the mail item while the foreign service depends on the method of forwarding the item either as priority or non-priority mail.

In order for mail items to arrive at their destinations in the most proper way, it is advised that the following conditions are adhered to:

  • The name and address of both the sender and addressee are quoted in the form shown hereunder
  • Postage is paid on the mail item either by a postage stamp or by a franking machine imprint
  • Letter is tightly sealed without using an adhesive tape


Name of Addressee:

Bldg #:
Postal Code:
P.O Box:
Country of destination:

Name of sender:

Bldg. #
Postal Code:
P.O Box:
Country of Origin:


Letters & Printed Matters: Maximum limit: the total of the length, width and thickness of the item equals 900mm provided that the length must not exceed 600mm.


The total length plus twice the diameter equals 1040mm provided that the longest dimension does not exceed 900mm.


Any dimension of the packet must not exceed 1.5m, and the total length plus the circumference must not exceed 3m.


  • The maximum weight for letters is 2kg
  • The maximum weight for Printed Matters is 5kg
  • The maximum weight for Small Packets is 30kg
  • The maximum weight for Printed Matters for the Blinds is 7kg