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Mail boxes are available in all main and secondary post offices as well as postal agencies. They are available for individuals, government agencies, corporations, and companies to receive addressed mail to their boxes.

They are three types of mail boxes:

  • Individual boxes: they are available for individuals to receive addressed mail to their boxes.
  • Business boxes: they are available for businesses to receive addressed mail to their boxes
  • Corporations, banks and government agencies boxes: they are available for corporations, banks and government agencies to receive addressed mail to their boxes.

Subscription free is JOD 17.400 including tax inclusive.

The following are the main instructions (in accordance with Private Mail Boxes Regulation of 1997)

  • Subscription or renewal of a mail box shall be for year. If the application for subscription is submitted at any time during the year, the subscription shall be for one year.
  • An annual subscription fee with the amount of 11.600 shall be paid till the end of December of the calendar year. Two months grace period shall granted to renew the subscription, and it such case the subscriber shall pay the subscription fee in addition to 50% of the annual subscription fee.
  • If the subscriber fails to renew after the elapse of the said grace period, the subscription shall be canceled.
  • The subscriber may cancel the subscription by means of a written request submitted to Jordan Post. The subscriber hasno right to a refund of any collected fees.
  • Subscription is deemed personal and shall not be assigned to any third party, with the exception partners according to legal documents dully authenticated.