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Mail transfer

  • As per the tariff charge
  • Annual lump sum


Express mail

  • Express external international mail (incoming/ outgoing)
  • Express internal mail


New service

  • Hybrid mail (printing/ packaging/ distribution)
  • Mail shot
  • Bills collection (water/ electricity/ land lines/ mobile phones)
  • Sale of pre-paid cards (land lines/ mobile phones/ internet)
  • Remittances
  • Promotion of baking service (Cairo Amman Bank)
  • Renewal of passports


Letters (ordinary, registered, packages, publications, reply messages)


University applications

Royal scholarships applications

Job applications

University bridging applications

Payment of National Aid Provisions


Reply Messages Service

This service receives internal and external reply messages and commercial cards for companies and institutions without charging the senders for any postage, where the companies and institutions subscribed in this service to pay the postages after receiving the messages and cards returned to them.


Envelopes and cards specifications:

  • No Stamp Required should be printed in the upper right corner. A blank space should be provided and the word” No Stamp Required” in bold and italic should be printed there.
  • 2 horizontal lines of 3 mm thickness and 14 mm space between them should be printed above the address. Over the first line, “Reply Paid” should be printed and over the second line the name of the country of origin “Jordan” should be printed.
  • The authorized address should be printed below the two lines. In the upper left corner, “Air Mail” should be printed on the envelopes that are for international service.
  • The following should be printed in the upper left corner in addition to the license number “IBRS (CCRI) NO”.
  • Text and symbols should be printed in a dark color the contrasts with the background of the envelope or card. In principle, the color to be used should be black or dark blue. The minimum dimensions of envelopes and cards are 90X140 mm. the maximum dimensions are 120X235 mm.


Mail pouch

Jordan Post provides mail pouch service to companies, banks and government agencies under a special agreement regardless of the size of the institution. We have a transportation fleet and competent staff to provide such service in all governorates. The agreement includes the following:

  • Receive and deliver the pouch with 24 hours maximum.
  • Determine the location of receipt and delivery as per the customer request.
  • The maximum weight of the pouch is 20 kg, taking into consideration that several pouches can be received in a single trip.