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Non-prohibited materials:

Parcel mail includes non-prohibited materials, products and commodities where parcels are closed in a special way that ensures the protection of their contents against damage.

Foreign Mail Parcels are accepted at post offices available in the governorates’ centers, Al Abdali post Office and the Parcels section located in the city center as those parcels are subject to inspection by the customs officials before being closed.

Dimensions: Parcels must not exceed 1.5 m in length for any of its dimensions and 3m for its circumference.

Weights: 20 kg for foreign parcels 30 kg for domestic parcels.

Prohibited Items:

  • Drugs and hallucinatory items
  • Explosive, flammable or other hazardous and radioactive items
  • Immoral and indecent materials
  • Live animals
  • Items prohibited for import into or circulation inside the destination country
  • Items of any nature or packing which is considered to be hazardous to employees or that might contaminate or cause damage to the other items
  • It is prohibited to include any coins, securities, bank notes, papers of value to bearer, travel checks, platinum, gold or silver whether wrought or unwrought, precious stones or any other valuable items
  • It is prohibited to include inside mail parcels any documents of personal correspondence nature that are exchanged between the sender and addressee