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Jordan Postal Company provides private post boxes service since article (3) of the Private Post Boxes service bylaw No. (59) of 1997 stipulated that it is permissible for any natural person who reaches 18 years of age, or for any corporate person who wishes to subscribe for a post box to submit an application for the same to the director either by a written petition or by using the form approved for this purpose.

After the subscription is approved, the subscriber is given a key for the post box for one year period. In case he or she submits the application at any time during the said year, such subscription is considered valid for whole year. Five dinars are collected as subscription fees when subscribing for the first time.

Annual Subscription:

The annual subscription fees for the post box are collected in the following manner:

  • (5) Five dinars for any post box located within the limits of the Greater Amman the governorates main centers
  • (2.5) Two dinars and five hundred fils for post boxes located in the remaining post offices, universities and society

Post Boxes are available in diroctorates as follows: