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In addition to postal and financial services, Jordan Post Company (JPC) provides other additional services through post offices located in all areas of the kingdom. Those are:

Universities Applications Acceptance:

Post offices offer the services of Admission applications forms for the state universities in   cooperation with the higher coordination committee.

Royal Grant Applications Acceptance:

post offices offer the service of providing royal grant applications acceptance forms and send them to the Armed Forces General Command.

Employment Applications Acceptance Service:

Post offices receive and distribute employment applications to people wishing to enlist through the Civil Service Bureau with the aim to facilitate for citizens and organize the process. The Civil service Bureau usually announces the dates for submission and renewal of those applications.

Telegrams Acceptance and Distribution Service:

Post offices provide the service of acceptance and distribution of domestic and foreign telegrams in cooperation with the Jordan Telecommunications Company (JTC). This service is characterized its quick dispatch and distribution of telegrams in the most modern means of communication.

Telephone Calls (Telephone Booth):

Some post offices provide telephone booth service in the areas where no other communications means are available based on the tariff issued by the JTC.

Sale of Revenue Stamps:

Post offices sell revenue stamps at their face value for the account of the Ministry of Finance. Such stamps are available in different denominations in all post offices.

Sale of Prepaid Cards Service:

The JTC has signed several agreements with companies specialized in issuing prepaid cards for communication and internet use to be sold to citizens through post offices. Those prepaid cards are

Charges for The Following Services Subject to 16% Sales Tax:

1.Fees for presenting to customs (when duties are collectable on)


500 800 800

Other items

350 500 600
2.Rate for Registered Numbers List 1000
3.Fees for storage (Retention) per day

Parcel Mail

Nil 200 300 300

Maximum sum of:

Nil 4600 6900 6900
4.Price for International Reply coupon (IRC) Nil Nil 1000 1000 Exchangeable for one stamps worth of 600 Fils
5.Receiving authorization fees for letter mail items received from inside and outside country for a period not exceeding one year. 1000 1000 1000 1000
6.Price for book designated for ministries, state departments, banks and companies One Jordanian 1000 Nil Nil Nil — 
7.Annual subscription fees for National Business Reply Service (NBRS) 15,000 —  —  —  — 
8.Subscription fees for International Business Reply Services (IBRS) 25,000


—  — 

Newspapers, magazines and periodicals printed and published inside the kingdom enjoy a discount of 50% of the rates for printed matters against an annual subscription fees for the sum of (20) twenty Jordanian Dinars + 16% Sales tax provided that they are delivered within the kingdom.