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Director of the Jordanian Post inaugurates the Euro-Mediterranean stamp symposium with Arab and International participation


Director-General of the Jordanian Post (Jo Post), Dr. Khaled Deeb Al Laham, emphasized the importance of stamps in the lives of peoples in terms of protecting and maintaining the historical, political, economic, and social memory along with their artistry aspect that ascends the human common sense.

Mr. Al Laham added during the inauguration of the EuroMed postal Union (PUMed) symposium, which is hosted by the JO Post during the period from 19/3/2019-20/3/2019, that the importance of this symposium comes within the framework of search forcommon cooperation areas between the PUmed countries and Jordan through paving the way for more partnership opportunities that will benefit all the members and enhance the mutual exchange among them.

Mr. Al Laham also emphasized the importance of holding such symposiums in which experiences are exchanged. He noted that the PUmed was established in Rome on 15/3/2011 and now it consists of 21 Arab and European countries form the Mediterranean region, and works under the umbrella of the Universal Postal Union.

Mr. Al Laham said that the symposium would discuss issues related to information and technicalities of the Euro-Med stamps that representcommon areas between stamp collectors. The launching of an online competition, the production of new common stamps, the usage of social networks and social media platforms to introduce and promote the Euro-Med stamps, and the publication of stamps brochures to be sold worldwide, are issues that will be tackled in the symposium.

On the other hand, Mr. Benjamin Komb, the Director of Public and International Relations in the Stamps’ Department of the French Post, stressed the importance of hosting such a symposium by Jordan due to its distinguished position and strategic importance in the Euro-Mediterranean region and the world as well. Mr. Komb noted that the symposium would discuss the work program for 2019-2020 along with the frameworks and mechanisms of voting in the steering committee. Some initiatives that contribute to enhancing cooperation among the PUmed countries, specifically in the area of promoting the achievements of such countries and providing a space for interaction on social media platforms, will also be discussed.

Mrs. Siham Al-Khudairi, the director of the stamps department at theAlgerian post emphasized the importance of the message sent by stamps around the world. In addition to the joy they create, Stamps act as an extraordinary ambassador for theircountries as they have the ability to pass any border without visas, and through stamps, you can send a real message about the historical landmarks of a country as they document and save the memories of nations and peoples. Mrs. Al Khudairi also expressed her gratitude for the Jo Post for hosting this symposium.

It is noteworthy that delegates from Egypt, Lebanon, Algeria, France, and Greece attended the symposium along with Jordan.