Service description:

This is a service provided by Jordan Post through the transport of and delivery of the letters, documents or any other contents, which may be legally transported. The transport and distribution is fast, accurate, confidential and safe from and to more than one hundred Arab and foreign countries. The shipment is delivered to the consignee in person to the geographic address indicated in the bill of lading except in certain cases where the shipment is sent to customs depending on the shipment contents to apply the policies and procedures of the destination country.

Beneficiaries of the service: individuals, entities, firms, companies and official authorities.

Advantages: The fastest postal service in terms of safe arrival to the country of destination. There is a tracking barcode to track and inquire about the shipment.

The shipment may be internationally inquired for any changes.

Terms and conditions:

The bill of lading information shall be filled in by writing the recipient’s information in full (name, telephone number and geographic address depending on the address in the country of destination) (Zip code for foreign countries) clearly and in the language of the destination country or in English which shall be the sender’s responsibility. Any missing information may delay the shipment delivery.

Attached is a copy of the bill of lading.

The content description shall be indicated in the bill of lading and any official papers shall be attached, if required, to ensure the delivery of shipment without any delay in the destination country.

If the content is not paper, the customs declaration form CN22 shall be completed.

The contents shall be properly packaged to ensure the safe transport of the shipment during travel and transport.

The shipments should not contain any of the material prohibited to be sent by post or prohibited for import in the supplier’s country.

Jordan Post is not responsible for any delay or detention by the customs authorities at the shipment (shipment) destination as the sender assumes the full responsibility for the discrepancy between the material content and the customs declaration.

Additional taxes or charges may be imposed at some destination countries (for example: customs charges / value added tax) and such laws may vary depending on the laws and regulations of such countries.

Tariff (charges): Depending on the weight, area or the country to which it is sent. To know the tariff, click here.

To track the shipment Click here

You can track the shipment one official working day from the date of depositing it at the post office through the shipment barcode consisting of 13 digits. The first two digits refer to the type of postal service while the last two digits refer to the country of origin and between them there are nine digits starting with the tracking number in letter E and another letter.

Shipments containing such codes may be tracked directly till delivery to the consignee.

Duration of delivery in the Kingdom (local): 48 hours.

Duration of delivery outside the Kingdom (international):

One day after depositing at the post office

Arab countries: two to three official working days

Foreign countries: three to four official working days

Official holidays are not counted in the delivery period.

Maximum weight of the shipment: 30 kilograms.

Prohibited shipments: The material sent by post should not contain any of the prohibited material announced at any of our service channels.

For a list of the prohibited material, click here.


-Duration of service providing at the post office: 5 – 7 minutes.

-Service providing place: post offices of the Kingdom.

For more details: Instructions for filling the EMS waybill

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