Service description:

Regular mail is a service provided by Jordan Post and it is the postal service of lowest cost. Through this service, all the normal letters may be sent after payment of the service charges at the post offices or through the general post boxes throughout the Kingdom. Regular mail service may be used for mailing inside or outside Jordan.

Beneficiaries of the service:

individuals, entities, firms, companies and official authorities.

Advantages: Lowest cost postal service.

Terms and conditions: The weight of the letter material should not exceed 2 kilograms and for parcels, the weight should not exceed 30 kilograms. The recipient’s details should be clearly indicated including the name, geographic address and P.O. box.

Tariff (charges): Depending on the weight, area or the country to which it is sent. To know the tariff, click here.

Maximum weight of the shipment: 2 kilograms for letters and 30 kilograms for normal parcels.

Shipment tracking: Regular mail cannot be tracked.

Prohibited shipments: The material sent by post should not contain any of the prohibited material announced at any of our service channels.

For a list of the prohibited material, click here

Notes: Regular mail cannot be tracked at the final destination country of the consignee for ongoing mail as the letters are transferred to the recipient’s mailbox according to their destination and information on the letter and according to the international practices.

Duration of service providing at the post office: 3 – 5 minutes.

Service providing place: post offices of the Kingdom or through the public mailboxes.