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The end-to-end delivery periods are based on UPU standards. The standard adopted by Jordan is the J+5 standard (delivery on the fifth working day after the day of posting) for 80% of international mail).

Procedures of Complaints, Inquiries, and Claims

Complaints are received either by call center number (062005777), directly calling Jordan Post number (062006666) or visiting the various directorates:

Compensation procedures

  • The sender has the right to inquire about a registered item only. The inquiry shall be made at the office in which the item was posted or any other office within the period stipulated for in the international agreement, which is for 6 months after the day of posting. The sender shall be entitled to compensation, in accordance with the international postal agreements, in case the item is not delivered to the recipient. The amount of compensation for international items is (30 right units) (according to the profitability index stipulated for by the Central Bank at the time of compensation). As for local items, the amount shall be the half of the amount specified for the international items.
  • The sender has no right to claim for compensation if the item is seized because of violating postal regulations, whether in the country of origin of the country of destination, of the item is seized by the public persecutor for judicial reasons, or in cases of Force Majeure.