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Instructions for filling the EMS waybill

Instructions for filling the EMS waybill:

Th waybill consists of five copies, the last copy shall be kept by the sender to tack the shipment trough the barcode.

  1. The sender’s clause containing the following:
  1. Sender’s name
  2. Company name
  3. Geographic address
  4. Phone number
  5. City or Governorate name
  6. Zip Code
  7. Sender’s country


  1. The recipient’s clause which is very important:
  1. The recipient’s name in a clear form. If the recipient is a legal entity (company, institution, university), the person in charge of receiving the shipment in such entity shall be indicated in possible for fast delivery and for avoidance of delay for any reason and name of the company or firm if possible if the sender wishes to deliver the shipment to a business address.
  2. Full geographic address as known in the destination country (city or area name, street name, building number) in the country to which the shipment is sent (the address the sender wants to deliver the shipment upon arrival).
  3. Recipient’s telephone number
  4. City, area or state at the recipient’s country
  5. Zip Code for every area or state particularly in USA, UK, Canada and European countries
  6. Name of the country to which the shipment is sent.


  1. Shipment information and description, including:
  1. Shipment weight
  2. Description in the assigned space with full description of the contents

In case the shipment contents are official documents, the sender must make a copy before sending.

  • Attachment of a detailed invoice with the shipment contents and its value, whether they are commercial samples or shipments with contents other than papers regardless of the shipment content or value to deliver the shipment to the country of destination without delay.
  1. Nature and type of packaging including:

To set the type of packaging if it is: 1- envelope, 2-bag, 3-box, 4- cylinder, 5- any other type depending on the content type.

  1. Signatures clause:
  2. The sender must sign and date the waybill.
  3. The officer receiving the parcel must sign and add the delivery date.


* The recipient’s name should be written in English for messages sent to all the foreign countries and may be written in English in the case of some Arab countries like Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria. The geographic address should be full including country, area, street and building number based on the information of the final destination country (shipment destination).

Any lack of information may cause the delay of shipment delivery at the recipient’s country.

Each waybill has a tracking barcode where the first digits are the type of postal service. The barcode consists of two letters and nine numbers then two letters. The tracking number starts with the letters EE and the last two letters are the symbol of the exporter’s country JO and there are nine numbers in between.

Shipments containing such codes may be tracked directly till delivery according to the sender’s country.

You can track the shipment through the website of Jordan Post (click here) or through Jordan Post application (click here).

The consignee at the final destination country may track the shipment with the official post office in such country if he / she so wishes.

Attached is EMS waybill form.