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JoPost Prepaid Card

Jordan Post in cooperation with the ministry of social development and national aid fund has introduced a prepaid electronic card that can be used at all the network of ATM’s in Jordan and also acceptable at all the different merchants’ POS. Through its Financial Inclusion Technical Assistance Facility (FITAF), the Universal Postal Union (UPU) has provided financial and technical assistance to Jordan Post to support the launch of the mentioned digital financial solution platform aimed to disburse National Aid Fund, financial assistance for the underserved/underbanked in Jordan (“Jordan Post Prepaid Card”), thus enhancing the provision of digital financial services (“DFS”) in Jordan. The project was composed of two integral and inter-dependent parts, where Part I is funded independently by Jordan Post and Part II is funded jointly by Jordan Post and the UPU.

Part I of the Project has been independently managed and funded in its entirety by Jordan Post and included the procurement, development and technical sourcing of the relevant hardware, software, and materials for the Jordan Post Prepaid Card.


Part II of the Project comprises (i) the Project deployment and onboarding, (ii) the launching of a media campaign for the promotion of the Jordan Post Prepaid Card, (iii) the promotion of financial education and capacity building initiatives, and (iv) the leverage of new partnership opportunities. Part II of the Project has been jointly funded by Jordan Post and the UPU in accordance with the terms defined in the agreement signed by both.


The project is now in progress, all the cards have been distributed to the beneficiaries through   the post offices and now the second part of the project is in progress.

The project is aimed to meet the following objectives:

  • Support the launch and the enabling of a new digital platform to process the disbursement of National Aid Fund financial assistance;
  • Enhance the DFS offered by Jordan Post by developing and implementing financial education programs for the Jordan Post Prepaid Card users and beneficiaries of the National Aid Fund with a view to facilitating the transition from physical cash to digital disbursements via the aforementioned card accounts;
  • Raise awareness of Jordan Post Prepaid Card users on financial education, including aspects such as digital payment cards, security, reduction of the use of physical cash and use of the Jordan Post Prepaid Card at points of sale (POS);
  • Promote through media campaigns the use of the Jordan Post Prepaid Card among potential users;
  • Drive and support digital financial access to Jordan Post customers with a view to promoting financial inclusion;
  • Establish a framework for the effective training of users, employees and call center staff on new DFS;
  • Leverage the new platform capabilities, including usage for eCommerce and other purchases.



  • Development of a digital infrastructure to promote the use of DFS for government-to-individuals disbursements;
  • 70,000 registered National Aid Fund beneficiaries as Jordan Post Prepaid Card users by the end of 2022;
  • Improvement of the beneficiaries’ financial literacy and education concerning DFS and national financial aid programs;
  • Development of upskill capabilities of Jordan Post staff;
  • Leverage of new DFS platform for the on-boarding of future digital program opportunities of financial inclusion (e.g. financial disbursements from the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees, and prepaid eCommerce accounts).