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Jordan Post is the link between Jordan and all countries of the world being a part of the Universal Postal Union network. Jordan Post providesthe postal, financial and logistic services according to the highest quality standards and using the available technology at competitive prices to satisfy customers at the local and regional levels through an integrated postal portal, represented by the post offices spread across the Kingdom. Hence, it was imperative to adopt a new vision and mission that would meet the demands of society and future changes and strengthen the principle of institutional values.

Based on the strategic directions, a new plan has been devised, which includes a series of pilot projects that focus on the development of Jordan Post’s work and the provision of new postal and electronic services at the level of individuals and official and non-official institutions. It also includes the expansion in the provision of financial services to include electronic money transfers and electronic payment services through the electronic wallet and mobile phones, in addition to land and air shipping services and the launch of e-commerce projects. Moreover, Jordan Posthas re-engineered and automatedwork procedures, modernized the transport fleet and developedJordan Post corporate identity to reflect a new vision and image that meet customer demands.

Our goal at Jordan Post is to achieve customer satisfaction;accordingly our website has been updated to be a portal for customers,which facilitates access to all important data to decrease time and effort, and a channel to receive suggestions, inquiries and complaints.

Hanadi Altayyeb

Acting General Manager