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Mail Boxes

This service allows the receipt of letters addressed to the mail boxes and the arrival of certain content to the mailbox including letters, bills, paper announcements and some shipments depending on the type of postal service sent from the country of origin.


The owner of the mailbox may visit the Post Office during official working hours, open the mail box and collect the contents of the box directly without needing to go to the Office employee.


This mailbox is the property of its owner who is given its respective key, box number and the Zip code of the Post Office depending on the area.


The mailbox is annually renewed so that it remains the property of its owner.


The messages received in the mailbox may be checked through an application which keep the mailbox owner notified about the arrival of certain content to his / her mailbox and an automatic copy is sent through the application.


The mailboxes are provided to:

1-      Individuals in general

2-      Banks and private companies

3-      Government and official authorities and departments


Instructions according to the Private Mailbox System 1997

a-      Subscription in the mailbox shall be for one year or may be renewed for another year. If the subscription application is submitted at any time of the year, the subscription, in this case, shall be for a whole year.

b-      Jordan Post may accept the subscription or renewal for not more than five years. Charges due in respect of such period shall be paid in whole on approval of the application provided that the subscriber shall pay any increase in the charges during such period.

c-      The annual subscription shall be paid up to the end of January. If the subscription is not paid within such period, a grace period of two months shall be granted and, in this case, the subscription plus (5%) of the annual subscription amount shall be paid.

d-      If the subscriber fails to pay the subscription after the period indicated in clause (b) of the present Article, his / her subscription shall be treated as cancelled.

e-      The subscriber may cancel his / her subscription upon a written application to be submitted to Jordan Post and may not recover any paid charges.

f-     The subscription to the mailbox shall be personal and may not be assigned to any other person except in the case of assignment of partners to each other by virtue of duly attested official documents.