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The General Framework of Government Services Provision Charter

The government also has a vital role in enhancing the level of public services it provides, consolidating the institutionalization of public work, enriching government policies and guaranteeing their stability, according to a clear vision and a specific working plan that tackles various challenges.

His Majesty King Abdullah II bin Al Hussein
Letter of Designation
9 March 2013

Service provider obligations:

  • Treat service recipients with utmost respect, attention, and courtesy
  • Provide a cooperative work team familiar with the procedures of service provision and capable of answering all inquiries
  • Provide service requirements and announce the time of completion
  • Respond to service recipients in time without delay and meet their needs with high professionality
  • Simplify the procedures to ensure the provision of quick and smooth services
  • Work continuously to provide services via the proper channels and at the appropriate times.
  • Provide communication channels to receive complaints and suggestions of service recipients and ensure their engagement in service development.

Responsibilities of service recipient

  • Treat the employees with utmost respect
  • Abide by the regulations of service provision and its points of sale, and respect other service recipient
  • Provide all documents required to receive the services.
  • Answer all the inquiries of the employees to ensure the efficient and timely reception of services.
  • Report as soon as possible any error or amendment in data or conditions related to completing the service
  • Adhere to the stipulated communication channels in case of grievance, complaints or inquiry